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LAFFF is here to fuse brands with their audience: the connected consumer.


Open call: March 31 2019

The LA Fashion Film Fest is a multilayered cultural initiative. While its primary aim is to showcase progressive ideas in the form of fashion films to honour filmmakers, it takes the conversation further. The festival incites meaningful exchanges via an immersive programme of interactive tech displays, animated creative installations, and thought-provoking panel discussions. 

With the dynamic currents of Silicon Valley’s tech scene powering a whole new generation of filmmakers, fashion and film producers and consumers, LAFFF stands out by bridging the gap between brands and their discerning audiences. The connected consumer demands immersive experiences, and we’re here to deliver.

By participating in LAFFF, you’re sharing your ideas and stories with an international audience of connected consumers. It costs a bit more, but for good reason. 

How LAFFF Benefits Filmmakers

  • Listing on ‘The Studio’—a dedicated video archive on the LAFFF website showcasing all film submissions, nominations, shortlisted and winning films. There’s a spot with your name on it.  

  • Special screenings by industry insiders such as LAFFF’s influential jury members, creative partners, and sponsors.

  • Active social media shout-outs for all submissions. We’ll get the word out on your film and shine the social media spotlight on it.

  • Inclusion in Radical Vertical which is home to the festival program for all submissions. Get added visibility for your film and creative efforts.

For rules and terms, click here.


  • Campaign

    • Films produced as part of a campaign to promote specific causes or for commercial purposes. These productions can involve collaborations between fashion and non-fashion brands, feature social and environmental causes, or be part of strategic marketing campaigns.

  • Cinematography

    • Films that showcase outstanding cinematography—a film’s visual aesthetics, movement and momentum—as a result of expert manipulation of the camera.

  • Direction

    • Films that demonstrate superb directional skills in the way the script has been brought to life via artistic, dramatic and technical aspects.

  • Emerging

    • Films by up-and-coming filmmakers who’ve started making a name for themselves in the industry, by way of winning awards or receiving critical acclaim from industry insiders.

  • Glam

    • Narratives that feature or focus on glamorous styles via fashion, beauty, hair, or make-up elements.

  • Innovation

    • Film productions where innovative technologies such as 3D animation, AR, VR, robotics, AI, etc are the focus of the narrative or used in creating the film.

  • Music

    • This category covers music videos, musical arrangements and editing in a video, and film productions featuring musical themes.

  • Style

    • Films in this category feature a strong emphasis on the styling of the set, actors and/or models through artistic use of props, costumes and accessories.  

  • Documentary

    • Non-fictional narratives produced to document real life issues for education, awareness, or historical record.