2019: Sustainability

While the conversation on sustainable fashion continues to gather momentum, we’d like to take it further by asking: how can we make sustainable fashion more accessible and inclusive?

Sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a way of life.

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A cultural initiative by kulturspace, LAFFF advocates for an open, creative and inclusive society.


LAFFF2018 partnered with two venues with a combined history of 159 years at the forefront of fashion and technology in Los Angeles to host the two-day festival, LAFFF2018 took place on October 5th and 6th.  Day I was be hosted at Fred Segal’s flagship Sunset Boulevard location and Day II at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) in Culver City - more info.

We celebrate the emerging medium of fashion film while also promoting an inclusive, open society by using film and fashion influences to inspire meaningful interactions on cultural expression and creative identity. By partnering with two of the most respected film and fashion brands in Los Angeles, the festival will bring to fashion film to life in two unique environments - fusing creativity and design with emerging technology. The cultural initiative has focused on creative collaborations that draw heavily from progressive ideas that use emerging tech – and in October, both locations will be at the frontline of this creative marketing revolution.


RV creates and curates inspiring content along with immersive experiences to bridge audiences into the fascinating world of fashion, with a cultural mission from The kulturspace Foundation to develop entertaining and engaging media platforms to build and establish links between, creatives, corporates & consumers.

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