12 Months, 12 Films, 12 Editorials, 12 Fashion Designers, 12 Models & 12 Themes
A story BORN of the rejection of the NARCISSUS nature of modern film. Within our chapters LIVE questions. Inspired by the philosophy of KULESHOV, we went in pursuit of the FALL of the WILD art of film for film’s sake. We YEARN for a new wave of fashion film. One that can draw on our INSTINCT and AIDENTITI, but equally CHERISH the important issues that provoke CONFLICT in society so that may reach an enlightenment of ORGASTIC virtue.

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Hadi Moussally

Hadi Moussally is a filmmaker and photographer born in 1987 in Lebanon, a post-war time where art didn’t have enough space on the popular scene but he always had an artistic sensibility. He chose to study in Paris to learn filmmaking and especially to improve his artistic culture. 
He first had a master degree in feature films at the Université Paris-Est Marne La Vallée. Then he decided to explore another side of cinema, reality film, where he had another master degree in anthropological documentary in the Université Paris 10 Nanterre, founded by Jean Rouch. 
With those two degrees, he has been able to develop and give a meaning to his own aesthetic vision of an image. From one hand, the feature films studies helped him build his imaginary by creating his own world, to direct films and managing a team, and especially a sense of aesthetic. On the other hand, the anthropological documentary studies helped him developing his ability to observe the subject and catch the right moment. 
Since 2012, he decided to also work in the fashion industry by making fashion and experimental films. His aim is to show fashion with a meaning and combine it with his own artistic vision. Today he directed and scripted more than 30 movies (Documentaries, Short films, Experimentals and music videos). He founded h7o7Films, production company with Olivier Pagny in Paris and The12Project, the First Alternative Fashion Network.