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The Future is Inclusive.

LA’s consumer-facing connected fashion film event.



The LA Fashion Film Fest is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit platform for forwarding-thinking creatives to showcase collaborations, share progressive ideas and highlight game-changing tech. A cultural initiative by kulturspace, LAFFF advocates for an open, creative and inclusive society by connecting like-minded brands, filmmakers and consumers.

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The future is inclusive, and your consumers are connected. Conventional retail is giving way to mobile shopping platforms, with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality interfaces quickly gaining momentum. In tandem with the morphing retail landscape, LAFFF is here to bridge the gap between brands and consumers. We’re inciting conversations with the audience through thought-provoking, stimulating fashion film narratives and immersive tech mediums.

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Debuting in October 2018, LAFFF will present a 2-day immersive experience through live and online screenings, interactive displays, and exchanges between filmmakers, fashion and tech industry leaders, and our influential jury and advisory board. LA’s first connected fashion film festival will provide a rare opportunity for consumers to interact with fashion, film and tech producers while experiencing immersive branding displays and demos.